I am not the cat’s meow, but  I have people in my life, who think I am. 


And these people are so special to me, so. Yup. 

Validation should come from within, ok… totally agree.

But, it’s pretty amazing to have ‘amazing’ people around you when the “within” ain’t “workin”. 

So this photo went up today on FB (thanks to my beautiful sister), and of course I criticized everything about it. 

Like, what am I staring at? Wish I looked more vulumptious, and wow, I look old. 

But.. Ok. I got such amazing feedback, it blew my mind.

Am I a slave to social media? Perhaps. 

Also a slave to over-thinking? Sure! 

Self-conscious too! 

But here’s what won out, outside of all of this. 

My sister, who is probably the most beautiful person in the world, decided to post this. 

Because she has a crush on me. 

She. Has a crush on.. Me? 

So beautiful. 




You try to be your best… but sometimes when that happens, you become less then…

But guess what?

No matter what- you are YOU. And you’re not always going to get it right- left is always an option. 

Stay you. Because YOU are beautiful. 

When Doves Cry


The only break I had from being an awkward teenager, is when I’d hang out with my older brother’s girlfriend. 

We’d drink coffee, chat about life and cruise around in her Turbo BLASTING  “When Doves Cry”.

I will never forget those times.. I felt free from everything. 

RIP Prince – thank you for all of the memories. 

Switch it up! 

My morning ritual consists of, striving to wake up early- snoozing instead, then tearing around to get myself, and my son ready for school. 

I wouldn’t say I “yell” at my 8 year old to wake up, but I do have a gentle, firm tone. 


Anyway! This morning, I decided to drop the tone, and cozied up beside him.

Ok, I kinda jumped into his bed, and then got cozy… 

This obviously woke him, but this time he didn’t growl at me.

Instead he curled up with me, and we laid there for 5 mins, talking quietly and giggling. 

I’m not sure what prompted me to do this, but I’ll tell ya… 

Moments like this, are very precious to me. 

He’s growing up so fast, and I’m a cheesy parent that needs to share this with the world.

Happy Thursday!! 😊


For the last year, I’ve been trying to figure out where I ‘fit’ in the Mental Health Community.

For awhile, I thought I was meant to lead it- but then I realized I have nothing figured out..


So, I’ve just gone back to being me. Talking about my life AKA not always talking about my anxiety and ‘stuff’ like that.

And this is when an opportunity arose.

Yup, I’m proud to be a part of the #sicknotweak community.

It helps me get past any shame I may carry, which is very healing.

So… is a story I contributed.

You’re not under arrest

There are many  stories on here, and many resources-if you need help, or you just want to feel ok.

Hope, Compassion, Love and Laughter- it’s the very best medicine, we should be after.




It’s my look…

I choose my battles (somewhat) wisely. 

My son is 8, but has the wit of a 12 year old. 

Ok wait. I have no idea how witty a 12 year old is, so let me re-phrase. 

My son is going to be a lawyer.


The easiest task of parenting (until tonight) was the haircut. 

I’d tell him, he needs a haircut- he’d agree. 

But now, he’s becoming his own little person. And this little person likes having unruly hair. 

I don’t like unruly hair. 


My son’s  Rinaldo/ Pompadour hairdo is starting to hit his eyes, so I told him we were going to get his haircut tomorrow. 
And I quote, “Mom, I really like my hair. I don’t want a trim. I don’t tell you, what to do with your hair.”


Like part of me wanted to ground him for life, but the reasonable part of me agreed with him. 

It’s not my hair, and he’s starting to figure out what he likes and what he doesn’t like- with his personal style. 

Who am I to rule his hair? 


Maintaining a solid ‘unruly’ haircut requires some upkeep. And I happen to have a vehicle and some money to help with the upkeep. 

So how was this handled?

Did I bully my point? 

I really wanted to. Like I wanted to come out with a “my house, my rules” comment, but I couldn’t do it. 

So, I explained to him I wasn’t trying to rule his ‘look’… just trying to help keep it ‘cool’.

I also said that it was totally up to him..

Blahhhhhhhhhh… (parenting is tough) 

But! Holy cow…

He agreed! 

Barbershop tomorrow for a trim✔️

Another lesson learned ✔️

It’s his look, not mine.

#onethingwednesday – I like. 

On average, 10 out of my 135 FB friends like my posts. 


I’m a bit of a goof, so usually I’ll get an eye roll and scroll. 

Anyway! 😁

Last week I went back to the ‘pixie’ look.

I had been growing my hair out (the past year) to feel better about myself AKA long hair is much more feminine.

Right. I felt frumpy, and somehow got caught-up in what other’s think. 

So, I went back to being me. 

And this selfie got 50 + likes, and a ton of comments.

Now I’m scared to post, because I know I will go back to my lack ‘like’  lustre musings. 

They’ll kind-of be ‘like’ really bad sequels… over, and over, and over.


So today, I’m grateful for not taking myself too seriously.